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Curiosity is the reason I photograph. How will the light interact with the camera lens to create shapes and forms? How can you look at everyday objects in a completely new and different way using focus and composition? Some may be abstract and some recognizable. I see the world in a 35mm format, my eyes constantly framing potential subjects. The viewer doesn’t necessarily need to understand the photographer’s intentions, they can form their own meaning based on personal experiences.

Discovering new cultures around the world and at home, encourages new ways of thinking and seeing our own surroundings. Visiting societies living in a completely unique environment provides us with some understanding of the different challenges they experience. In many cultures, art is incorporated into daily life, wether in the blankets they sleep in, the clothes and jewelry they wear, the pots they cook in, creating a rich existence. I find myself searching for answers in their traditions. In much of our society, art is limited to museums, galleries and on a stage. Digital cameras have helped to create positive social interaction between travelers and local people who may have never seen an image of themselves before.

And there is always that moment that will never happen again in exactly the same way. When I create a photograph, I want the viewer to have a reaction, wether curiosity, nostalgia or even discomfort. The power of a two dimensional arrangement of tones and shapes on a piece of photo paper to create emotion is awe inspiring.

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